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Speaking of Phenomenal Podcast - Episode 002 Suzanne O’Brien

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Welcome to the Speaking of Phenomenal Podcast - Episode 002

On today’s Episode meet Suzanne- Suzanne B. O’Brien RN is a Holistic Wellness Nurse, International Speaker, and bestselling author, She is the proud Founder and Creator of The International Doulagivers Institute based in New York City. She created the award-winning Doulagivers trainings in 2008 and has traveled the world educating and helping build training programs to help support communities globally. In 2015 Suzanne was Awarded "Worldwide Leader In Healthcare” by the International Nurses Association for creating Doulagivers International. Named Oprah Magazine Humanitarian Brand Ambassador in 2019. Today Suzanne has combined her years of training, education and experience to create The Doulagivers Institute for Higher Learning Featuring the Doulagivers Life Café and Global Educational Summits and programs to help raise the individual and collective consciousness to help create a better world for everyone everywhere. -------------------------------- OFFER: -------------------------------- Free tickets to Death Doula Global Summit November 16th-22nd 2020 Description: On November 16th-22nd, Suzanne will be hosting the first ever Global Death Doula Summit. With over 24 speakers from 9 countries, the summit will be interviewing and hearing from some of the most passionate visionaries that have been instrumental in propelling this movement into the worldwide phenomenon we are seeing today. Free Level 1 Family Caregiver End of Life Doula Training November 12th @7pm ET Description: The Doulagivers Level 1 family caregiver Training will teach you how to care for an end of life loved one through the time of a terminal diagnosis all the way till the time of death. End of life is an inevitable part of our lives journey. This will be a FREE 90 Minute Webinar taught by Suzanne B. O'Brien RN. Live questions will be answered during each class from participants. We can help those at the end of life have the best experience possible. Learn the skill, change the world. REGISTER: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Be sure to subscribe now as well as follow along @Speakingofphenomenal on Instagram and See you soon! Support the show --------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO/OUTRO MUSIC (used with permission) WOMAN Performed by Tiffany Villarreal Instagram Written by Greg Buddy Bangs Reed Jr, Michael Big Mike Hart Jr, Taura Stinson, Tiffany Villarreal ------------------------------------------------------- HoneyBook Save 50% off your 1st year with HoneyBook Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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