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Amy Boyle, photographer

I'd like to introduce you to my latest project, 52 Phenomenal Women!


What would happen if once a week we recognized someone who we think is phenomenal and shared her story with our community?

This weekly project which honors and elevates women was created

 in September of 2018.

Each week for more than two years, I have made portraits of  phenomenal women and featured their personal narrative through the 52 Phenomenal Women Project / #52PWP

I'm so glad you are here!

52 logo_est2018.png

I'm Amy!

What Phenoms are saying...

Joyce Marter

Amy is a multitalented powerhouse motivated to celebrate women who are doing meaningful work in the world with the intention to inspire and empower others to move out of their comfort zone with confidence to become their best selves. I’m honored to have been included in her #52phenomenalwomen series and was so blown away by Amy’s photography, that I hired her for my author headshot for my upcoming book and am thrilled with the outcome. 


Amy has connected me with an amazing group of women who lift one another up, through her own community as well as Dress for Success. Amy is a firecracker including sharp intellect, a compassionate heart and a soul with a mission to help others. I highly recommend any opportunity to work with Amy.

Year 2 Week 7

Podcast Episode 11

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Have you tuned in?

The Speaking of Phenomenal Podcast shares the mic with phenomenal women all over the world while we embrace what right now makes each of us phenomenal and therefore uplifting each other when we need it the most!

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