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Welcome to the
Speaking of Phenomenal Podcast

Transforming the way we connect through stories, The Speaking of Phenomenal Podcast invites you into a world of profound narratives that feel like a conversation with a good friend.


This platform does more than share knowledge—it builds a community, emphasizing the importance of shared experiences and mutual support.

Tune in to discover the stories that bring us together and inspire us to achieve greatness.


Welcome to the world of Amy Boyle, the creative force behind Amy Boyle Photography, The 52 Phenomenal Women Project, and the Speaking of Phenomenal Podcast. Amy's journey through the lens and beyond captures not just images, but the essence of moments and the stories they hold.

Discover the 52 Phenomenal Women Project by Amy Boyle, a unique documentary series that celebrated the power and diversity of everyday women from 2018 to 2020. For 104 consecutive weeks, Amy paired her striking portraits with personal narratives written by the subjects themselves.


The project, which was featured on the blog and social media, explored the inspiring stories of women making a difference, beautifully captured through her lens. During this time the 52 Phenomenal woman project raised over $7500 for Dress for Success in Chicago. 

"This is a phenomenal project and we are thrilled and fortunate to be a part of Amy’s creative vision and participation in community. The beauty and spirit of each woman honors our global mission-- to empower women to thrive independently."

- Joi Gordon

former CEO Dress for Success Worldwide

52 Phenomenal Women Project


Press and other Appearances


Amy Boyle stands alone with her amazing talent and commitment to bring perfect strangers together in order to showcase the impact these women have on society. Her desire to celebrate and support women while shining a light on the many hats that most of us wear is unrivaled. She knows that we are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and friends. She knows of our commitment to each of these roles and she has taught women to acknowledge our individual talents while saying OUT LOUD…I AM PHENOMENAL!!! Thank you so much! I met you as a complete stranger and slowly but surly you feel like FAMILY! Keep up the GREAT work!


Inspiring stories!
Thank you for sharing such inspiring stories with a special focus on women. So many incredible interviews…keep up the great work. You have a dedicated listener here!

SF Podcast Listener

In a world where so many people are in it for themselves, I love how Amy uses her voice to shed a positive light on so many amazing women.

Melissa Guller

(Wit & Wire)

Speaking of Phenomenal Studio

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​Based out of Chicago, IL

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Amy Boyle is not only the founder of 52 Phenomenal Women, but also a talented artist who invites you to explore her captivating world of Photography and Art. Explore a collection that mirrors Amy's imaginative perspective, skillfully capturing life's moments with a distinctive touch of artistry.

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