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PRESS RELEASE: The 52 Phenomenal Women project shares female empowerment for 100 weeks!

August 5, 2020


Even in the face of the pandemic, Chicago photographer Amy Boyle has uplifted inspiring stories of women for 100 consecutive weeks. As we all continue to self isolate, there is no better time to hear these motivational voices to remind us all of what makes each and every woman phenomenal. Through the project, Boyle continues to build a trusting community that encourages self love and confidence. One of the biggest takeaways during this time of uncertainty is that amplifying voices builds community, says Boyle.

Weekly project created by photographer Amy Boyle honors, elevates women:

What would happen if once a week we recognized someone who we think is phenomenal and shared her story with our community? Just imagine the list of inspiring women we’d have at the end of the year and how those connections can inspire others. Now imagine two years of phenomenal women – all sharing their story to help and inspire each other.

Each week since September 2018, Amy Boyle has photographed a phenomenal woman and featured her personal narrative through the 52 Phenomenal Women Project. Participants, who are nominated by their peers, hail from 15 different U.S. states and range in age from 21-84.

Year Two will conclude on September 9, 2020 and is on its way to becoming a book. To date the project has raised over $6,800 for Dress for Success Worldwide Central Chapter.

Recent Media Moments for 52 Phenomenal Women:

Jen Weigel Show:

Suzanne O'Brien Podcast:

Contact the project’s creator and photographer, Amy Boyle, at or 312-380-5993 for media requests. (

This is a phenomenal project and we are thrilled and fortunate to be a part of Amy’s creative vision and participation in the community. The beauty and spirit of each woman honors our global mission-- to empower women to thrive independently.”
- Joi Gordon, CEO Dress for Success Worldwide

©Colin B Photography 2020

About Amy Boyle:

Amy Boyle is an internationally published photographer and passionate visual storyteller. She graduated from Northwestern University with a focus in business and art history, and her love for art has brought her to work with multiple large organizations both in Chicago and around the world, such as Broadway in Chicago, Fortune and Playbill, among others. Amy is a supporter of multiple female empowerment-focused groups, such as Women on Fire and O, the Oprah Magazine as a brand ambassador. Along with her husband, Amy has proudly raised four sons in Chicago.

More info on project:

Amy’s birthday wish from 2018 was to encourage others through the stories that have been featured on her blog and social channels: to start a dialogue of inclusion, support and recognition by celebrating the phenomenal qualities within each woman. There is no better time than the present moment. The best way to describe the project Amy embarked on is at the crossroad of #WomanCrushWednesday and Humans of New York.

Why only women?

Amy says, “I am continually supported and loved by my husband and four sons, but what I know in my heart is many women are not so fortunate. I want to support women, who – whether they realize it or not – are phenomenal. I am amazed at how many women have stories they just have to get out to be heard, to be seen.”

Participants in the project are asked to donate to support Dress for Success Worldwide Central. To date, the project has raised over $6,800. We are stronger together. Amy would love to be able to reach an even wider audience by turning years one and two into a book. More information is located here on how you can support this endeavor:

You may follow along on the blog ( in addition to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. #52PhenomenalWomen #52PWP

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