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Phenomenal Impact: Unveiling the Transformative Journeys of Three Remarkable Women

Celebrating Unyielding Spirit: A Reflection on “Phenomenal Impact”

Embarking on a journey often reveals more about the traveler than the destination itself. This proverbial truth stands as the bedrock of the evocative visual journey I have had the privilege to craft in “Phenomenal Impact”, a documentary that charts the remarkable trajectories of three spirited women, revisiting the narratives originally told in the “52 Phenomenal Women” project that concluded in September 2020.

After being captivated by a collective 104 heartwarming and gutsy stories, it was an endeavor close to my heart to narrow the lens to three awe-inspiring women who have only further flourished in their indomitable spirit since we last heard from them. Revisiting them was not just a continuation, but a deeper dive, an intimate portrayal mapped through the contours of their evolving journeys. I would love to continue this project and show more of what the Phenoms are up to now.

Meet Dr. Kim Lloyd: The Liberator through Literacy
Officer Kim Lloyd outside DePaul University College of Education, Photo by Amy Boyle

In the world sculpted by Dr. Kim Lloyd, the founder of “We Got You Covered (WGYC),” literacy is not just a skill, but a lifeline, a portal to liberty and empowerment. The non-profit organization, born out of a palpable urgency to safeguard the futures of African American boys, stands as a fortress of hope and a resuscitation of literacy. With a vision as boundless as hers, Lloyd has taken formidable strides in revolutionizing education, bearing the torch of enlightenment into communities where it is most needed, revealing to us the true potential of a determined spirit.

Sarah Harris reading a roadmap outdoors, photo by Amy Boyle 2020

To enter the world of Sarah Harris is to be invited into a nurturing space where baby steps meet blind leaps, a place where every moment is a meditation, a conscious endeavor to chase the elusive center. Through her reflective writings, Harris presents us a tapestry of life woven with mindfulness, a journey of self-discovery in midlife narrated with an endearing honesty that resounds with many. In “Phenomenal Impact”, Harris invites us over a cup of coffee, sharing with us her relentless pursuit of balance, her brave forays into the unknown and her role as a mentor to her fellow Korean adoptee community.

Meet Joyce Marter: The Nurturer of Resilient Minds
Joyce Marter at desk photo by Amy Boyle 2019

Joyce Marter has been a beacon of wisdom and guidance, embodying the very essence of a phenomenal woman. Through her role as a psychotherapist, keynote speaker, corporate trainer and the successful author of The Financial Mindset Fix, Marter has demonstrated a tireless commitment to empowering individuals in finding their equilibrium in life and financial well-being. As we follow her journey, we witness an influential figure, a woman of stature who stands as a living testimony to the change one can forge through resilience and expertise.

As I bid adieu to a significant chapter of my academic journey at the Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, “Phenomenal Impact” stands as the proud finale of my Master’s project. It is a homage to resilience, to spirit, to the tireless contributions of phenomenal women across walks of life.

This documentary, my maiden venture, is more than a visual tapestry; it is a testimony to the dynamic journey of self-empowerment and encouraging us to keep moving forward by being phenomenal in our unique way. As I share this piece of my heart with you, I invite you to witness the phenomenal impact created by Sarah, Kim and Joyce to embrace the journey of evolving narratives.


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