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The courage to stop: how moments of pause increase our self-awareness and ability to care for those we love

Amy Boyle interior photo behind purple laptop

In this solo episode, after an unexpected and uncomfortable dental procedure, host Amy Boyle reflects on the power of pause. In our complex and dynamic world, we can easily forget the reasons behind our actions, and many of us start to work and live on autopilot. 


Only by pausing can we find the clarity, silence and perspective we need to reassess our priorities and goals and move forward. Amy reminds us that whenever we stop for a moment, we are able to acknowledge what matters in our lives and discover new things about ourselves, including our limits. 

She encourages us to see these limits not as restrictions but as tools that help us reroute. Then, we can continue to work and live with a renewed and clearer purpose. 

But it’s not only about us. How we treat ourselves directly impacts our care for others. Amy stresses the importance of addressing our needs to become better instruments of service to those we love.

She invites us to pause and profoundly examine ourselves: Do we know how to acknowledge our limits within our dynamic routines? What are we doing for our self-care?

Carolina Baldin is a freelance journalist from Brazil. Having worked in law, policy and regulation, she is passionate about everyday stories that illustrate larger issues. She graduated from a master's program at Northwestern University in 2023 and became a guest blogger on the "Speaking of Phenomenal" podcast blog in March 2024.


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