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Guest spot on Belinda Chang's Virtual Brunch

Thank you, Belinda for spotlighting the 52 Phenomenal Women Project on your show September 6, 2020.

We are so excited to welcome our Brunchers to Season Two. Let’s do EVEN MORE good during our second season and support our friends in food, wine, restaurants, small business and OURSELVES in mind, body and spirit. As always, REGISTER HERE to join us (care) free - with or without pants on, with or without video and whether you want to drink, cook and move with this week’s featured guests OR NOT. We are always just happy to connect with you. In Episode 25, we explore TARTS: a few of my favorite tarts and few excellent TARTS doing good. ☀︎ SWIZZLE ALONG with Garret Richard "the torchbearer of the next generation of tikiphiles" according to Punch Drink. Get your swizzle stick ready! HERE are two of his recipes that we will be making together! ☀︎ SWEET and SAVORY TART ALONG with Stephanie Lock, founder of Ready to Roll Dough and global tart expert. You can buy FARM to PIE KITS from Mick Klug if you live in the Chicago area or Michigan OR prepare Melissa Clark’s RECIPE and we will roll out our sweet and savory tarts together with Stephanie! Click her image below for a treasure trove of recipes on her website. I’m doing a savory tomato tart, but if you wanna do a sweet fruit tart, you do you, boo. ☀︎ PHENOMENAL WOMEN ALONG with photographer, Amy Boyle, and learn about three of the women that she has profiled for her new book! HERE is her website and HERE is how to support her amazing work. ☀︎ and of course, we continue to connect, comfort, laugh and bring the Sunday Brunch cheer SAFELY and TOGETHER!

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