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Guest on Lead Your Life Podcast - 9/16/20

Think about your own story. What is phenomenal about you? What is the special gift you bring the world? If you’re having trouble accessing that, you are not alone! As women, we often struggle with recognizing our own talents and impact on the world. On today’s episode I talk with the inspiring Amy Boyle, professional photographer and creator of the 52 Phenomenal Women Project. She takes us through her journey as an internationally published photographer and her passion project giving women the opportunity to tell their stories and empower others through the process. 

[9:10] How Covid has affected Amy’s business and how she pivoted to adapt. [12:20] The inspiration she pulled from Maya Angelou to create her project.  [14:00] How she chooses the phenomenal women for her project.  [18:10] The importance of the self-nomination process and the power of stepping into and owning your own spotlight.  [21:35] Recognizing the impact of shared stories and the powerful exercise her project has become for the women involved.  [24:25] How I learned something new about a shared friend through Amy’s project.  [29:50] The similarities that were found across different women and the one special way we all differ. [31:30] How a participant in the project made a pivot after being Michelle Obama’s personal photographer. [34:00] A shared weakness that women perceive about themselves (that is just NOT true!) [35:35] Two statements you can use EVERYDAY to empower yourself. [41:35] A special way Amy uses music in her life and why it’s a superpower! [43:30] 2 important things that tie together in her work and why you need both to tell powerful stories.  [45:15] An inspiring story of advocacy from one of Amy’s participants and how important it is to release limiting beliefs.  [48:55] Amy’s beautiful advice for all women so they can live empowered lives.


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