About  Amy

Amy Boyle is an internationally published photographer and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the industry. Amy graduated from Northwestern University where she received a dual degree in art history and marketing.

A known entity within the theatre and PR spaces, Amy's body of work includes published photography with such celebrities as Oprah Winfrey, Sir Elton John, Sting, Gloria Steinem, Barry Gordy, Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Buffet, Lin Manuel Miranda, and countless others.

In 2017 Amy was hand-selected from thousands of applicants to join the elite brand ambassadors for O, The Oprah Magazine (now Oprah Daily). The ambassadors represent the unmatched diversity of O’s readers across all ages, interests and ethnicities in the country. Amy was named a Teamwork O-ward winner in 2019.

Every week for two years (and soon to be 3rd year!) Amy has highlighted weekly stories through the 52 Phenomenal Women Project, a social platform and community celebrating everyday women. Through portraiture and the subject’s own words, she’s shown what makes them phenomenal right now.

After two years of weekly blog and social media features, Amy launched the Speaking of Phenomenal Podcast in November of 2020, continuing the effort of amplifying women’s voices.


A fierce advocate for women’s issues, Boyle is also on the advisory council of Dress for Success Worldwide Central.

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Amy's 52 Phenomenal Women Project has introduced me to amazing women who I would never have known about.  Some have conquered serious illness.  Others have created businesses out of passions.  I was honored to have been invited to the project and, to this day, do not think I have done anything phenomenal.  All the others inspire me to do more.

There are plenty of sources to read about famous or powerful women (in the news or People magazine) but it's such a joy hearing about women who are making a difference in ways big and small in their normal, daily lives. Each profile is interesting, educational and of course very inspiring. It's not easy raising a family, holding down a job (in or out of the home) and nurturing friends and family. It's lovely to celebrate women who are living lives of passion, of focus, of commitment, of fulfillment, and to appreciate their accomplishments. It makes me feel like I'm part of a very special community of women, and it's a joy to be able to celebrate each woman you profile. 

52PWP celebrated my success and helped me celebrate others. It was a very powerful experience because it highlighted our differences and made them our super powers. The donation to Dress for Success was a perfect way to bring the project full circle. Amy really thought of everything and the one on one time with her was a treasure. I absolutely love the images she created of me.